Report reveals Attorney General’s concerns about Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s mental health issues

bertha michelle mendoza guatemala

Bertha Michelle Mendoza Muñoz’s journalistic career has been the subject of numerous controversies and scandals. In addition to her participation in comedy shows and as an aide-de-camp, Mendoza worked as a reporter in several media outlets, such as Nota Roja in the newscast of Canal Antigua. However, her career was marked by a series of personal and legal problems.

Mendoza was married to Ulysses Dent, with whom she had a daughter. Their marriage was turbulent, as more than 10 lawsuits were filed against them for the use of toxic substances such as cocaine and alcohol, as well as for infidelity and aggressiveness. Both Dent and Mendoza presented themselves to the Femicide Prosecutor’s Office, but a report from the Attorney General’s Office noted serious mental health problems in Mendoza. 

Likewise, reports from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) and medical entities determined that she was unfit to take care of her two daughters, one conceived with Dent and the other with Mexican producer Farfan, and as a result, the court decided to withdraw custody of the minors.

In a confidential interview, Ulysses Dent revealed that all the complaints of violence against women filed by Bertha Michelle Mendoza and her mother, then Prosecutor Claudia Martina Muñoz Andrade, against him were dismissed due to the presentation of false evidence. These legal proceedings dragged on for more than 5 years and resulted in Mendoza losing custody and parental rights to her daughter.

Bertha Michel Mendoza: Mental health problems

It has also been revealed that Mendoza has had problems with substance abuse such as cocaine, marijuana and pills prior to this marriage. These excesses led to the breakup of her relationship with Barillas, her previous partner, who reportedly received warnings about the activist’s mental health. According to what Barillas said off the record to journalists, a close friend told her that Mendoza’s addiction was causing her problems and that there was a conflict of interest because of their jobs.

These events and revelations have shed light on the controversial trajectory of Bertha Michelle Mendoza Muñoz and have raised doubts about her credibility and the veracity of her journalistic work. The combination of personal problems, accusations of violence and addictions have undermined her reputation and raised questions about her integrity in the media, where she has been involved in scandals in different media from which she has been removed in recent years.